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Psychic Solutions by Lynne Kuber
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Answers, not questions are what Lynne provides her clients. Lynne does not ask questions, does not do "cold readings". As a Psychic/Medium, she provides her clients with high detailed and accurate written readings. The "psychic" portion of the reading may contain recent past information, insight to current problems and future information that comes through in the reading. This information will include names, dates and exact details regarding the client's relationships, career, family, health, travel, etc..

As a "medium" Lynne brings through messages from spirit loves ones who have passed. Again, this will include names, descriptions and often brings closure to grieving loved ones left behind.

Psychic/mediumistic readings
given in her office or in the client's home
Home Parties
Corporate Events
Non-touch therapeutic healing.

Call 518-399-6370 to book a private reading or home party.


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