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When scheduling psychic parties with Lynne Kuber, she is available to travel to event locations in Albany NY, Troy, Schenectady and Coxsackie. If you’re looking for a psychic medium for your local event, call Lynne today to learn more and reserve your time!

How are Psychic Parties with Lynne structured?

When scheduling psychic parties in Albany NY with Lynne, she offers two styles for her clients. Private readings and gallery style readings. For hosts of group readings, Lynne will usually offer extra time. Each guest should remember to bring an object that is worn often for Lynne to “Psychometrize“. Such objects may be; a ring, watch, necklace, bracelet, etc.

Individual Readings for Psychic Parties

For those who prefer private readings for their guests, she offers private readings for groups in which each participant will receive a set amount of time to meet with Lynne. For this style, pricing is per guest per hour. Click here to learn more.

Gallery Style Readings for Psychic Parties

Lynne recommends gallery style readings for families and individuals that are closely related and looking to hear from the same relatives. Lynne will sit in the same room as the attendants, and become a medium for the entire group at the same time.

What is a psychic party like with Lynne?

Lynne practices a unique method of mediumship through a technique known as Psychometry. It’s encouraged for clients to bring with them an object or artifact with significance so Lynne can channel into the energy and messages that this object has to share. When you arrive to your psychic reading with Lynne Kuber, she may share insights, visions, emotions, or even specific details about past experiences, people, or places related to the group or an object you provided if you brought one. She might describe scenes, emotions, events, or sense passed loved ones trying to communicate with you. 

Best group size and types for psychic parties.

Group readings are offered in individual or gallery style. These types of readings are recommended for families, corporate events, parties, festivals, and fundraisers.  Psychic readings for groups require a semi-private/private area of the house with a table and two chairs. Of course, the number of guests is up to you; however Lynne has found 6–9 guests a manageable number. 

If travel time to a party exceeds 1 hour one way, attendance must be 9-12 guests.

In the event a guest is under 18, parental approval is required. 

Types of Parties

Private Readings

For groups or parties looking for individual readings.

Gallery Readings

For groups, parties or families looking for one reading of an entire group at once.

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how it works



No matter the psychic solution you are looking for, it all begins with reaching out! Clients are welcome to email, call, or submit an inquiry through Lynnes contact page. Lynne never asks for a last name from her clients. 



Once you inquire, Lynne will reach out to fine a time to connect. Times and days available may vary depending on the service, but Lynne is happy to work around the needs of her clients and will find a time for both of you that works!



Once scheduled, Lynne will either call, meet, or arrive to the desired location for the reading. Clients looking for psychic readings outside of Albany, Troy, or Coxsackie, New York may prefer phone readings. 

General Pricing

$2 per minute or $120 per hour

See individual service pages for additional pricing information.



Lynne has appeared on television (WRGB Channel 6 & Cable Channel 16, Schenectady) and on radio (99.5 The River, 102.3 The Edge & WRPI Radio, Troy). More recently, she is one of several area psychics to appear regularly on 104.9 The New Edge on Monday mornings (7-8 a.m.).