Gallery readings

Gallery Style Psychic Parties Albany NY - for Groups

Lynne, an Albany NY Psychic, recommends gallery style readings for families and individuals that are closely related and looking to hear from the same relatives. Lynne will stand in the same room as the attendants, and become a medium for the entire group at the same time.

Lynne will come to a client's home for Psychic Parties

For gallery-style psychic parties, it requires a semi-private/private area of the house with a table and a few chairs. Of course, the number of guests is up to you; however Lynne has found 6–9 guests a manageable number. Once all guests are settled in, Lynne will guide everyone through her session of mediumship for the group.

What You Should Bring to a Gallery Reading

Guests are encouraged to bring an object that is worn often or related to the relatives they are hoping to connect with for Lynne to “Psychometrize”. Such objects may be; a ring, watch, necklace, bracelet, etc.


What cities does Lynne offer Psychic Parties in?

When scheduling psychic parties with Lynne Kuber, she is available to travel to event locations in Albany NY, Troy, Schenectady, and Coxsackie.

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how it works



If you are looking for a group psychic reading in Albany NY, clients are welcome to email, call, or submit an inquiry through Lynnes contact page. Lynne never asks for a last name from her clients. 



Once you inquire, Lynne will reach out to fine a time to connect. Times and days available may vary depending on the service, but Lynne is happy to work around the needs of her clients and will find a time for both of you that works!



Once scheduled, Lynne will either call, meet, or arrive to the desired location for the reading. Clients looking for psychic readings outside of Albany, Troy, or Coxsackie, New York may prefer phone readings. 


Schedule a party today!

Call us at 518-441-4946 today to schedule your reading. You can also email Lynne at to secure your time with her. If emailing, a contact phone number must be included.

Pricing for group readings

$2 per minute or $120 per hour. All clients will receive a written record of their reading to take home with them. Hostess often receives additional time. 

Looking for something else?

Psychic Parties - Individual Readings

Offered in individual & gallery style readings; Lynne recommends this for family events.

Individual Readings

Psychic readings given in either the comfort of your home, Lynnes office, or over the phone.

Non Touch Theraputic Healing

As a Healer, Lynne uses Non Touch Therapy to relieve pain and discomfort.




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Marianne -

Hello there Lynne. I don’t know if you remember me, as I am sure you see a lot of clients on a regular basis. This is Marianne. I had booked a party with you in August of last year in Hudson Falls. I am pleased to say that the last thing you told me about meeting a man in August. You said that I would meet him in a chance meeting. Well, I have definitely met someone that has changed my life in ways I cannot imagine. You are truly a gifted lady and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you so much

John -

Found Lynne through one of her public events at the Bavarian Manor. I was visiting from out of town, at the time and chance brought us together. 

A year or so later, I began to feel this overwhelming presence around me whenever I was in my parents house. I decided to schedule an individual reading with Lynne over the phone since I still had her contact information. She happily made time for me and was able to tune into the energies surrounding me, and she let me know that it was my grandfather who wanted to let me know that he wasn’t angry with me for a decision I had made as a young man to accept an opportunity to work out of state. My grandfather had fallen ill when I was away, and I had always felt guilt surrounding his passing. Now I no longer need to feel it.

Jessica -

At first I was nervous about meeting with Lynne because I had never had a Psychic reading before. Immediately upon her greeting me, all nervousness vanished. I specifically came to her seeking closure around the death of my mother. I felt like there was something missing from what I knew. I didn’t tell her any details of this prior to meeting, but in my reading, she sensed that a mother figure in my life wanted me to know that she was very proud of me and loved me very much. I left feeling lighter and that no energies were tugging at me now that I had heard the message I needed to.

Amy -

I met Lynne through a family member many years ago. After some time of knowing each other, I finally decided to request a psychic reading from her on a piece that had been made by my grandfather who has since passed. Lynne knew nothing of my grandfather prior to this.

After holding the object for some time & writing down her impressions, she was able to capture vivid details about  the person my grandfather was & also share with me where he is now and that he’s proud of the person I have become. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to gain closure from passed loved ones. She is incredible!


Lynne has appeared on television (WRGB Channel 6 & Cable Channel 16, Schenectady) and on radio (99.5 The River, 102.3 The Edge & WRPI Radio, Troy). More recently, she is one of several area psychics to appear regularly on 104.9 The New Edge on Monday mornings (7-8 a.m.).